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Atsuo Koizumi

React, MUI, Tailwind CSS Developer

Nagoya, Japan
Software Developer at Green Planet Eco
Studied Computer Science at Nagoya University
Information Technology & Services
Joined July 8, 2022



Atsuo is an experienced IT professional with over 4 years of practice, specializing in front-end web development. He has extensive knowledge of JavaScript/Typescript and browser APIs, as well as significant experience with popular frameworks and libraries like React and Redux. Atsuo's deep full-stack experience includes Node.js and Express, MongoDB, and blockchain technologies like Web3 integration and smart contracts.
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Green Planet Eco
Apr 2023 – Present
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Software Developer
• Built a decentralized Green Planet ecosystem. • Developed the frontend of the ecosystem using React.js and Tailwind CSS. • Created the smart contract for the ECO token by Solidity, considering the ERC20 protocol of OpenZeppelin and Uniswap Router v2 for it to be traded in the Ethereum network. • Solved the security problems of the smart contract to pass the audit process of the Certik team. • Made the ecosystem alive by integrating the website and the smart contract using Web3 packages, including web3modal and wagmi, and built its backend using Node.js and Express.
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Mar 2022 – Mar 2023
London, United Kingdom
Frontend | Web3 Developer
• Built a decentralized NEYX ecosystem. • Created the website of the ecosystem using React.js, MUI (Material UI), Node.js, and Express. • Developed the smart contract for NEYX NFT using Solidity and the ERC721 protocol of OpenZeppelin. • Added a security process for whitelisted users using the Merkle-tree package. • Integrated the website and the smart contract using Web3 packages to complete the development of the NEYX ecosystem.
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Apr 2019 – Mar 2022
Tokyo, Japan
Frontend Developer
• Contributed to building a NFT marketplace. • Converted 14 UX/UI designs into live frontend pages using Next.js and Tailwind CSS. • Implemented a custom Cypress-based framework for end-to-end testing, with custom scripts, commands and integrations developed in Node.js, and upgraded it to Cypress 10. • Built the frontend of the NFT marketplace dashboard using React.js and MUI (Material UI). • Made the reusable components of repeated elements and animations to reduce the time of the frontend's development and improve its running speed.
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Nagoya University
Apr 2015 – Mar 2019
B.S. , Computer Science