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The Frederic Bastiat Institute Africa is an Intellectual Think Tank, with its major missionary focus to augment the process of solving the challenge of Africa's economic industrialization and development. However, in most of the fragile economies, it is observed, the economic system is highly dominated with destitute women having children born out of wedlock, especially, economies emerging not too long from war prone zones. It is an undeniable fact that, no economy could sustainably develop with a large base of women uneducated and stacking in abject poverty. Though there are numerous evidences of the central government in these countries trying their best to resolve the state of destitute at the base level of the economy through their Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, as well as other humanitarian agencies and NGO’s, who are supporting to address this issue based on their methods of analysis. The fact is, the task and duty involved is very cumbersome and requires different angles and expertise in addressing the problem at hand. We as an Institute on our stance and capacity are seeking to address to some extent the Girl Child Education specifically at the Tertiary Level of acquiring skills for the job market or a Vocational Technical Learning skill of knowledge orientation, towards the upgrade of the Social Economic status of the Girl Child. We have a panel set to conduct critical background checks of Girl Child who have sought for the Institute scholarship support towards their University education, in other to examine the desire to transform their social status of life through education, yet from a deprived home. And all funding expenses are transacted in a transparent and audited account procedure, which upholds high integrity standards to our donor partners and affiliates. Our current economic zone as a jurisdictional, which the Institute is serving, is the Republic of Sierra Leone and Liberia, who are part of West Africa countries, collaborating with a selected local Foundation in Charge of Girl Child Education and Women Development. If you have the desire to assist our course of funding to support the Girl Child Education in Sierra Leone and Liberia, as well as monitor their progress through the job market until they make a significant contribution to the National Economy, join us. We have the integrity to live to our words and deeds. [A study report of one of the Institute Volunteers at Kathmandu, Nepal; Susan Achary (Miss) on Girl Child Education] “Women's education is the most essential part all over the world. As it is popularly said education plays an authoritative role in our personality as a human being in a social system. We have been hearing about the rape cases of women throughout social media. Some women were raped and killed, others were raped and left without any supports to go through a depressed life. And later chooses to express their pains on social media in the form of advocacy. Which I believe is not always the solution to the problem. In many circumstances, some women do commit suicide after such humiliation of a raped case. Therefore, in my opinion, victims need help as well as education to overcome such psychological trauma. Recently, in Nepal a girl about twenty-three years explicitly stated that she has been raped throughout this number of years. With such victimization starting at the age of 16years. If you want to know who she is and the situational conditions she faced, she could be contacted through her Instagram id@allaboutdewyskin. I believe anybody who is involved in her case should get a lawsuit. Most of the initial supporting hands to help her out of the victimization ended up increasing the injury on a daily basis. Though there are claimed organizations that help victims of rape cases through lawsuits to seek justice in Nepal. When the girl in question got the courage to tell her story to formal Miss Nepal who is also a Judge for the program of seeking redress for victims of that nature, the female Judge ignored her. This raises further concern of getting reliable supports as a victim in one's life in a certain culturally entrenched attitude, who sees rape cases as normal situations of the day. In addition, low education and the girl coming from a poverty orientated background within the Republic of Nepal is enough to be denied Justice. So I think the problem is not her education solely. In Nepal, such cases of women abuse through rape are very common, which comes with its own challenges just like what [Susmita Regmi] is currently experiencing.” Any other information: The Project Administrator - Mrs. Beatrice Sao Bundor Officer in Charge of FBI-Humanitarian Division Unit – Mr. Emmanuel Osei Sasu Contact: Registrar@fbiresearchedu.org +23278364268 (Whatsapp)- SL + 23278221258 (Whatsapp)- SL +22963355848 ( Liberia) -SL The Project Supervisor: Prof. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu Tsenzu@fbiresearchedu.org +233508383274 (Gh)

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