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9 days ago
Position Profile: To interpret the ever-increasing geo-political role that India plays in both regional and global terms from different perspectives—the nation’s geopolitical ambitions, potential challenges from its neighboring powers and its reactions. We are looking for experienced geo-political analysts/ scientists with strength and expertise in the mentioned fields to deliver insightful analysis in areas such as politics, technology, mass media, diplomacy and economy. Our renumeration package always best matches the quality of work and exceeds expectations of our analysts. Position Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and above in, but not limited to, areas in international studies, political science, country-specific studies, etc. Proven career experience in relevant areas such as government, academia, think tank, finance, commerce, etc. Detailed Responsibilities: To deliver geopolitical analysis reports of designated issues; To analyze geopolitical issues relevant to client’s business master-planning and operation, and to provide advisory event notifications to assist client’s decision-making and relevant strategic programs. How to Apply Reach us via email with your Curriculum Vitae; and specify position. Our email: