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Nuria Zarco Murcia

Student of International Relations (B.A). A believer in women personal power to change the world. Artivist.

Alicante, Spain
Operations support at Culinary Institute of Barcelona
Mentorship programme in CAMPUS ESPIRAL at Technovation girls Catalonia
Studied Communication at Chamber of Commerce in Alicante
Studied Psychology at Public admnistration
Studied The programme was part of my internship training with IVACE (Instituto de Competitividad Empresarial: ). at Universitat Politécnica de València (UPV)
Studied at Escuela de Negocios Lluis Vives
Studied Chinese language, culture, philosophy and history. Mandarin language course in Shanghai (China). at Donghua University, 上海东花大学.
Studied Economics and social science at University of Alicante (Spain)
Studied Chinese language and economics at Southwest University of Science and Technology 西南科技 大学
Studied at Sheffield Hallam University
International Affairs
Joined February 23, 2021



Native or Bilingual
Currently, I am doing an internship at the academic department of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona, studying for a degree in international relations at UOC, and training as a feminist coach in I chose to study for a bachelor’s degree in Tourism, from 2010 to 2014 in Alicante (Spain); that degree allowed me to delve into languages, history, society, and cultures. However, my curious mind was more really into the unknown, the essence of life, and suddenly the world was extremely attractive for me; I wanted to explore all by myself. Due to my thirst for knowledge, and as part of my university goals, I began to travel every time I could along those 4 years. In 2012, I undertook a student exchange programme (Erasmus) at Sheffield Hallam Sheffield (UK), where I met people with different cultural backgrounds, histories, dreams, and beliefs. After that experience, in 2013 already, I went to Sichuan, in middle China for another exchange programme. Then, I started to focus on awakening my creativity so as I began to work as a singer in a bar at night, giving English lessons during few days in kindergarten meanwhile I attended university for my tourism studies and to take Chinese lessons. That two full years were very rewarding and very significant in my career path. I discovered part of Asia, another way of living, totally contrast cultural shock from us, but with the same smiles, same worries maybe, same humanity as any other human being on Earth. Living in China is a life lesson for any “western”, you learn what a big community really means, and probably that happiness is not so much about achieving external goals, but about letting things flow. From 2014 to 2017 I was working in different tourist private companies in Spain, so I could get professional skills regarding administrative tasks, service customer, economic tasks, accountability, communication skills, service goals orientation, daily tasks as well as general duties from receptions in hotels and properties. Eventually, I never give up on my education, so I did some language studies on my own or with private teachers in fields that I liked the most, such as Chinese, philosophy, feminism, marketing communication skills, entrepreneurial culture, etc. In early 2017 I went back to China with the Chinse Government Scholarship, and I continued to study the Chinese language, history, and culture, this time in Shanghai. In September 2017 I decided to start another bachelor’s degree: international relations studies at Open University of Catalonia, in which I can study areas of my interest now, such as politics, economy, law, social science and international cooperation. Between 2018-2019 I took a few months for volunteering with the website workaway, and I worked as an au-pair for a Moroccan family, and I did some general tasks in hostels or hotels in other countries. In Germany, I contacted a Syrian refugee association, and I gave a hand with the content website (they needed someone to translate into Spanish) but I mainly was getting to know the Syrian families and their stories. In recent years, my interest was undoubtedly linked to Arab culture and countries, and my professional life changed when I had the opportunity to work in Qatar for the Economic and Commercial office of the Embassy of Spain in 2019. With that, I had a real insight into the politics and business world. I worked for many Spanish companies that wanted to open a business there, I made reports for official authorities and I conducted many meetings and projects between Spanish partners and Qatari companies. During that time, I travelled to the Middle East, which introduced, among other things, the dark side of women situation in those countries, their roles in communities, family, society, and religion. After Qatar, I went back to Spain and worked in a tourism office as a tourism technical assistant, so I managed to work with App created by the office for that summer with Covid19, as well as daily managed some tourist activities, orientation to visitors, etc.
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Culinary Institute of Barcelona
Jul 2021 – Present
Operations support
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Technovation girls Catalonia
Feb 2021 – Present
Mentorship programme in CAMPUS ESPIRAL
I'm volunteering for a mentorship program whose main objective is to empower youth women to take active and empreneteur roles in the Technology sector. I have to guide a team of 5 young girls through all processes for 4 months and encourage them to meet App goals through pedagogic and motivating sessions.
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Public administration (tourism office)
Jul 2020 – Oct 2020
Canet de Berenguer, Valencia, Spain.
Tourism Technical Assistant
I was working in the tourism office as a technical assistant for three months. My main tasks were mainly for counseling citizens, travelers, and tourists about the new App in the office, with all information regarding summer activities organized by the office and official restrictions of Covid19 at that time. I also reported on tourism resources, tourist activities around the area and the preparation of the pertinent information to be offered to the public.
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Economic and Commercial Office in the Embassy of Spain in Doha (Qatar). Internship IVACE.
May 2019 – May 2020
Doha, Qatar.
International Trade Advisor Specialist
This was an opportunity to work in an official public administration abroad, which allows gaining a lot of international professional experience. My tasks were as follows: ❏ Counselling Spanish firms about projects in Qatar and investment opportunities. ❏ Elaborating updated trade reports for the Spanish government, business agendas, and partner identifications provision on the company request of global and sectoral in-depth analysis of the Qatari economy and trade. ❏ Financial and commercial information to the Spanish authorities. ❏ Promotion of financial and commercial investments and support of entrepreneurial activities for the internationalization of the Spanish market. ❏ Elaborating personalized services to Spanish companies from different sectors, as a business plan or agenda. ❏ Resolution of questions and consultations (email, phone, and CRM platform) and attend different kinds of events such as seminars, conferences, and fairs in Doha. Official reports : - Hospitality Qatar 2019 - QITCOM Qatar 2019.
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Jan 2018 – Jul 2018
Valencia, Spain.
I was working in reception three-night shifts as well as head of bookings, and customer support in the 3 hotels managed by the company. My main tasks were: check-ins/outs, deliveries, and documentation, guest callings, guest service, attending phone calls, daily documentation registrations. I due to have a timing communication with all company receptions in generally restricted coordination; I made use of technologies every time, so a really well-managed IT social media was a must in the work environment, enable me to manage my tasks with efficacy.
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Apartaments València Centre
Nov 2017 – Jan 2018
Valencia, Spain.
Administrative assistant
Working at weekends in charge of tourist apartments in the middle of Valencia city centre. My role was primarily head of bookings, check-ins and check-outs, and all the administrative tasks in absence of the manager.
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Hotel El Coso
Sep 2017 – Nov 2017
Valencia, Spain.
Assistant and receptionist
My main tasks were working as a receptionist on three-night shifts, head of bookings and responsible for restaurant service when nedeed.
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Aug 2017 – Sep 2017
Valencia, Spain.
Administrative assistant and receptionist
My work here was as a summer vacant. I was responsible for visitors welcoming, delivery of regular email, call centre and client support. I deal with daily communication with Neinor offices in Spain through a shared IT cloud, Skype or videoconference. Support staff when needed.
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Consorcio Empresarial San Vicente Sur: Villa Universitaria.
Apr 2015 – Feb 2017
San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain.
Front desk receptionist
The place had 3 buildings: a small hostel for travelers, a big 3-star hotel, and also a residence for students who willing to pass the entire year studying at the university close by the workplace. In this role, I had more responsibility. I worked at the front desk in three hotel shifts, doing all bookings for individuals and also attending students and groups of agencies, check-ins/ outs, many and daily deliveries, phone calls, and daily reception documentation, etc. At night I had to do auditory and accounting of that day. In addition, I frequently managed to offer student residence rooms when needed, as well as promoting and counseling about general services, staff, and proving attention to detail.
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Hotel Esmeralda
Jun 2014 – Oct 2014
Calpe, Alicante
Front desk receptionist
I was a fresh graduate from tourism Management and I had to face reality and prove my tourism skills acquired at university. I was working at the front desk, doing check-ins and checkouts, attending phone calls, documentation registration, and providing any kind of service to the customer, such as porter sometimes.
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Chamber of Commerce in Alicante
Jul 2020 – Aug 2020
“Competency-skills in oral and written communication for work”, Communication
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Public admnistration
Jun 2020 – Jul 2020
Emotional Intelligence and Talents Management course, Psychology
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Universitat Politécnica de València (UPV)
May 2019 – Mar 2020
International Online Trade Programme, The programme was part of my internship training with IVACE (Instituto de Competitividad Empresarial: ).
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Escuela de Negocios Lluis Vives
Jun 2019 – Jul 2019
Digital Marketing course
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Donghua University, 上海东花大学.
Feb 2017 – May 2017
Chinese Government Scholarship, Chinese language, culture, philosophy and history. Mandarin language course in Shanghai (China).
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University of Alicante (Spain)
Sep 2010 – Jun 2014
Tourism Management (B.A.), Economics and social science
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Southwest University of Science and Technology 西南科技 大学
Aug 2013 – Feb 2014
Non-european movility programe (Tourism Management (B.A.))., Chinese language and economics
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Sheffield Hallam University
Sep 2012 – Jun 2013
ERASMUS of Tourism Management (B.A.)