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KNOSK N100 A-Day School

We provide quality STEM and skills based education to children from poorest and underserved households who cant access education in Kuje Com

Abuja, Nigeria
Education and Science
Joined January 10, 2022
KNOSK N100-A-Day Secondary School is designed to empower children from low-income families and poorest households with a transformational secondary school education that improves prospects of furthering their education and or creating sustainable livelihood that enables them break the cycle of generational poverty, especially among girls. The emphasis is on attending and completing secondary school and acquiring quality learning to advance themselves and break the cycle of poverty, especially among girls. Our Uniqueness For as low as N100/30cents a-day school fees, our students get action learning education, free books, uniforms, lunch, and sanitary pads monthly for the girls! Through a crowd funding process, people and organizations donate to supplement the actual cost of keeping a child in school per term. The actual fee is N66,000/$145 per term or N198,000/$495 per year to keep a child in School. Our first KNOSK School is based in Kuje Abuja, Nigeria and has 82 children been catered for! Vision An Africa with highly skilled and innovative young people and workforce, developing, transforming and prospering her nations. By 2030 We envision to build 7 KNOSK Charity Schools catering for atleast 6,000 children across Nigeria. Problem Statement Nigeria is grappling with huge out of school problem. About 10million children, twice the size of Singapore are out of school. Nationally, 55% of girls and 43% of boys do not complete secondary school due to poverty. When children drop out of schools, boys become easy recruits for insurgents and violent groups, while girls are married as child bride, trafficked or go into domestic slavery. If we dont address this menace quickly and at scale, it threatens our future coexistence. Government alone cant solve the problem, and it is in the interest of everyone and even private sector organisations to support KNOSK School to reduce the number of out of school children in Nigeria. Our Theory of Change At KNOSK School, we believe that boys and girls from low-income families and grassroots have huge potentials that can be shaped through a transformative education that comprises these 5 pillars: action learning, problem solving, tech, skills and leadership development. Such an empowering education will transform educationally disadvantaged poor children into highly productive, innovative and excellent youths creating exceptional endeavors, and contributing to developed, just and prosperous nations.