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$70,000 - $100,000 Per Year
Full Time
Macegroup ltd is a UK construction company that specialize in design and build solutions for exclusive clients in prime areas of the United Kingdom. We are located at 155 Moorgate, London EC2M 6XB, United Kingdom. We are working with partners in both public and private sectors. We are looking to hire Java Developer that can contribute to the growth of the company. QUALITIES 1. Problem-solving skills 2. Communication skills 3. Critical thinking skills 4. Project management skills 5. Leadership skills 6. Delegation skills 7. Time management skills 8. Teamwork skills 9. Attention to detail skills BENEFITS 1. Best salary in the industry. 2. Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance 3. Unlimited paid holiday time 4. Flexible working hours 5. Company device policies (e.g. laptop, mobile/tablet etc. 6. Work-from-home 7. Higher/further education loan or paying for professional qualifications If you are interested, click on apply to get started.

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$70,000 - $100,000 Per Year