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Do you feel strongly that the world we live in needs more Christian responsibility, Christian love and strength, starting with ourselves in our own homes to address the major challenges we face individually and collectively? Would you love to be involved in a global research & education project to connect with like-hearted benevolent Christian brothers and sisters? This is a volunteer opportunity to be part of a video editing team dedicated to Christian responsibility. You will have the opportunity to form relationships with other aspiring Christain professionals, develop your editing skills and be part of a community of aspiring benefactors. The Christian Response Forum is educating Christians to realise their God-given potential in order to help those most vulnerable. We have all been given commandments from our Lord, Jesus Christ, to love one another, to love our enemy and to protect the vulnerable. Yet what we see today among the world and most so-called Christians is far from that reality. Some crucial questions we cover through our videos include: What is our God-given human potential? Why are there nearly 2.5 billion Christians all with the commandment to love and protect widows and orphans, yet 800 million children in agony, drinking toxic water? What are the biggest barriers and obstacles to Christians realising their potential, starting in our own lives? This role would suit you if: You are interested in developing your own God-given potential. You are interested in Christian benevolence and learning from leading thinkers in this field. You’d like to be part of an inspiring worldwide project helping Christians to succeed in life while making a difference in meaningful causes such as helping children get clean water. You want to build your network and credibility in life and in the media. You are able to work remotely and are disciplined and organized. The Opportunity To Make a Difference This project is part of a greater group of initiatives all devoted to helping tackle major issues we face in the world. This means that your investment of time will lead to children drinking, and bathing in clean water instead of toxic water. Location & Time Commitment We want people with a great heart and attitude no matter how much or how little they can contribute. We also understand that people’s availability changes over time. So we will create the role to fit around your existing commitments. We’ve designed the role to work remotely. Next Steps - We will review your application and send you several questions to answer. If accepted we will invite you for a Zoom call. - We'll share more of the background to the project and how it's supporting Christians to make a pragmatic difference. - We’ll agree your exact role and time commitments best suited to your interests and availability for a 2 week trial. - We’ll start you on a trial project to get familiar with working as part of the team. - As you progress there’ll be opportunities for us to support you not only in your editing role but also in any career you’re pursuing. You’ll continue to develop personally and professionally during your time with us through personal mentoring. There may be opportunities for you to directly invest in bespoke mentorship, if that is something you want to pursue. How To Apply... Please send a covering letter answering these questions along with your CV... 1. What about this role appeals to you and why? 2. What do you believe defines a Christian most? 3. Are there any issues in our world you are personally concerned with? NB. Your application WON'T be accepted if you haven't answered these questions.